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For nearly two decades, our expert HVAC servicemen have been the leading providers of world-class HVAC services, including but not limited to, heating & cooling system repairs, replacements, troubleshooting, upgrades, and installations. Ranging from single A/C & Heating units powering a closed system to split-units, powering multiple duct systems, we've seen it all and serviced it all!

In addition to the extensive heating & air conditioning services we've become renowned for in the Knoxville, TN area, we've become quite proficient in affecting minor electrical and plumbing services in order to best serve our valued clientele. We pride ourselves on our diversity regarding our services, our solutions, and most importantly; our clientele. We understand not every HVAC situation is the same as the preceding it so it's important to treat each client and/or heating or A/C project as a unique case, requiring individualized attention.


As with most of our neighboring communities around Rutledge, Tennessee, having a properly functioning heating system during the winter is essential. With temperatures dipping well below freezing on average each year in Tennessee, it's not simply a luxury to have an adequate heating system; it's vital.


Much like the importance of maintaining adequate warmth in the winter, it's equally crucial for our locals here in Rutledge, Tennessee to have an air conditioning system that provides adequate cooling during the warmer summer season, typically between the month of May through the month of September.

Professional Heating Services

Considering the widespread necessity of having a heating system that provides warmth and comfort to a home, it can be easy for the average homeowner to be taken advantage of from less than knowledgeable of HVAC services, more specifically heating repairs, replacements, or installations. With that being said, our licensed professionals here at Family Comfort Heating and Air not only boast decades of HVAC, heating, and A/C experience but each technician has undergone extensive training, accreditation courses, and maintain an active license to ensure your heating system is correctly repaired, installed, or maintenanced.

Professional Cooling Services

As has been shown in through countless hours of troubleshooting, repairing, upgrading, and fine-tuning, correctly servicing an air conditioning system is no easy feat. Factoring in the multitude of A/C unit types, system options, and customization available to homeowners nowadays, it can be easy for even experienced consumers to become overwhelmed or disheartened. Consider our years of experience, our proven track record of happy customers, and our genuine desire to provide quality HVAC, heating, & cooling services to our valued neighbors throughout Knoxville, TN as weighing factors when you are shopping around for stellar air conditioning services!

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